Zak Cup & Marathon Series Event Bid Information

2018-19 | NENSA Zak Cup & Marathon Series Event Bid Information

This page includes bid information for NENSA Competition Series events including:

  • Zak & Club Cup Series
  • Marathon Series


The Zak and Club Cup Series brings together NENSA’s traditional Zak Cup age group and the Club Cup Series into a single series of events featuring some of New England’s finest citizen races. These events are targeted at NENSA’s clubs and engage BKL through Masters age groups. All events that are part of this Zak Cup Series are scored for Club Cup points with all participants earning at least one point for their club. One distance on each day is scored for the Zak Cup to ensure appropriate head-to-head competition within age groups. These events are heavily promoted and we expect to see between 100+ participants at each event. NENSA can provide Technical Delegates at these Series events for the same criteria as Eastern Cups.  Zak and Club Cup Series Organizers should contact NENSA to find out more about this. Race sites with strong volunteer bases and some experience in hosting races are encouraged to bid for a Zak and Club Cup Series events. Click here for more information on NENSA’s Zak Cup and Club Cup Series.

To Bid:

  • Each season, approximately 10 events, with a focus on balance of varied technique and distances, will be chosen for the Zak Cup and Club Cup series. Zak Cup and Club Cup Series events are selected by NENSA’s Masters Committee.
  • Bidding will open in April 2018 for your events to be named to the 2018-19 Zak Cup & Club Cup Season.  All bids due by May 1st.

    2018-19 Season NENSA Zak Cup & NEMS Event Bid Sheet

Zak Cup Organizers expectations:

  • Organizers must use skireg for registration.
  • Entry fee is up to the host. NENSA will assess a $2 per participant (BKL excluded) head-tax.


The events of the New England Marathon Series offer a classic cross country ski experience with fully supported courses showcasing some of New England’s premier venues. There is something for everyone, welcoming skiers of all levels to test their endurance, or just make the most of a winter’s day on courses ranging from 25K to 50K. Elite racers and recreational touring skiers alike are invited to enjoy a traditional ski marathon experience and some of the finest skiing in New England! Visit our  NENSA New England Marathon Series page for more information.

To Bid:

  • Each season, 6-8 events will be named to the New England Marathon Series as selected by NENSA’s Masters Committee.