USSA Coaching Certification


This certification is aimed at coaches who have experience coaching at high school, club, junior or senior levels, and are interested in furthering their education. It is a collaborative effort between the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, and NENSA.  It uses the USSA certification levels and ties in with requirements necessary to apply for JN Coaching positons and US Ski Team coaching staff positions on International trips.

USSA L100 Certification includes:

  • NENSA & USSA coaches memberships are required.
  • Must purchase L100 Manual from
  • Must pass the L100 on-line multiple choice exam 50 questions (open book).
  • Must have current CPR/First Aid certification (update CPR/First Aid every two years).
  • Must take a L100 Technique course (= one of our NENSA Regional Coaches clinics).
  • Must pass criminal background check with USSA.

Coaches who already hold a valid USSA L100 Certification may then go for their:

USSA L200 Certification:

  • NENSA & USSA coaches memberships are required.
  • Must have current USSA L100 certification before taking L200.
  • Must attend & complete USSA Level 200 Certification training = two days
  • Must purchase L200 manual from USSA (included in cost of training)
  • Must pass 100 question online exam, done during the training (open book), as well as turn in a completed 4 season training log/plan to L200 instructor.
  • Valid for three years

USSA L300 Certification (coming soon):

  • NENSA & USSA coaches memberships are required.
  • Must be a Certified USSA L200 coach.
  • Required coaching experience at NCAA’s, Junior Nationals, J1(U18) or  World Junior /U23 trips.
  • Teach NENSA Regional certification clinics or USSA L100 clinics.

 If you are interested in becoming a clinic instructor at any level, contact Amber Freeman at

For more information visit NENSA’s website under the Coaching Resource header > Coaching introduction & general info, or contact Amber Freeman at Full details about USSA certification can be found at