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Cross Country Dryland Drills and Fundamentals

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The first in what we hope will be a series of DVDs created in partnership with Andy Newell. Over 200 sold in the first 10 days since its release It is an absolutely incredible resource for athletes and coaches -- The drills are demonstrated as dryland training drills, but they are great for snow too!

A video by Andy Newell and the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) featuring Newell and fellow World Cup cross-country skier Liz Stephen. Newell and Stephen take you through both classic and skate skiing drills using dryland and World Cup ski race footage.

All proceeds benefit Andy Newell's pursuit of an Olympic medal and NENSA's athlete development program that strives to introduce more families to the sport and provide support for future Olympic champions.

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NENSA Coaching and Training Resource Guide


NENSA's Level 1 Manual

Coming soon to and For now, please email to receive the draft version by email as a pdf.

Coaching and Training Continued…

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NENSA's Level 2 Manual

Authored by Janice Sibilia, Rob Bradlee, Sverre Caldwell, Zach Caldwell, Fred Griffin, Dain Laroche, Peter Phillips, Jim Stock Edited by Janice Sibilia, Patrick Cote

This Level II Handbook is an extension of the material found in the NENSA Coaching and Training Resource Guide. This document will provide the reader with insight from some of New England's top cross country ski coaches while expanding on the topics included in the NENSA Certification Curriculum: Communication, Strength & Technique, and Physiology.

It is our hope that this Handbook will spark new ideas and creativity, while adding knowledge to the tool chest, in your quest to help your athletes become the best they can be.

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Bill Koch League Parent/Leader Manual

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From the forward by Kate and Bill Koch: "By exposing our children to cross country skiing, we can help build in them a love of health, sport, nature, winter and freedom that will enhance their lives." This manual with original material gathered and distributed by Fred Griffin and Dorcas Wonsavage, now updated by Stuart Kremzner, provides assistance in creating and revitalizing a BKL youth skiing club, provides a learning model and plans for assisting children in learning to ski, provides detailed games and non-competitive events, provides a guide to creating a proper competitive environment for children, and is an excellent resource for all aspects of introducing youth to cross country skiing.

Approprate for coaches, club leaders, and parents.

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170 pages spiral bound. Copyright NENSA 2007.

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