NENSA News Feed The New England Nordic Ski Association provides year-round educational, recreational, and competitive programs at all levels of cross-country ski racing. NENSA works to sustain a vital and active skiing community in New England, and to provide the support structure necessary to bring athletes to their highest potential at regional, national, and international events. en-us NENSA is proud to announce our Elite Team for the upcoming 2016-17 season ~ The NENSA Elite Team exists as a program to support and facilitate the appropriate development of top athletes toward the goal of international excellence.  As you can see by the names on this roster – many have already achieved that, and others are well on their way!  This is an exciting time for Nordic skiing in the United States, and NENSA is proud to be associated with the (ongoing) skiing history of many of our nations’ top cross country skiers.

]]> The Elite Team is named each year, with up to six junior boys and six junior girls, up to five U23 men and five U23 women, and up to five senior men and five senior women.  Athletes on this list are eligible to receive free entry to NENSA EasternCup Series race events, as well as funding eligibility for qualified athletes for Euro trips - OPA’s, U18 Scando, World Jr-U23.

Athletes on the NENSA Elite Team can be proud that they are a unique part of the New England ski community - a group that is highly respected and promotes the ideal that with dedication and commitment it is possible to reach goals one sets for themselves to succeed in this sport.

Nominations consist of athletes who qualified based on published criteria (found here: ).  This page also includes more information about the Elite Team and all previous years’ rosters.


Congratulations to all our NENSA Elite Team members!

The 2016-17 NENSA Elite Team:

Junior U18-U20:

Julia Kern, USST D/Dartmouth

Katherine Ogden, USST D/SMS  

Leah Brams, Dartmouth

Mackenzie Rizio, UVM

Daniel Streinz, MWSC  

Adam Glueck, Ford Sayre  

Zane Fields, Colby

Cully Brown, UVM

Henry Harmeyer, UVM

Nick Gardner, Williams


Heather Mooney, CGRP  

Corey Stock, BSF

Mary O’Connell, CGRP

Alayna Sonnesyn - UVM

Patrick Caldwell, USST D/SMS Elite  

Eli Hoenig, Williams


Jessie Diggins, USST/SMS Elite

Sophie Caldwell, USST/SMS Elite

Caitlin Patterson, CGRP

Liz Stephen, USST  

Ida Sargent, USST/CGRP

Simi Hamilton, USST/SMS Elite

Benjamin Lustgarten, CGRP

Welly Ramsey,

 Andy Newell, USST/SMS Elite

Discretionary selection:

Kaitlynn Miller (SR), CGRP

Anne Hart, (SR) SMS Elite

Elizabeth Guiney (SR), CGRP

Erika Flowers (SR), SMS Elite





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Stratton Mountain School Elite Team Clinic Sept 25th in Hanover, NH The Stratton Mountain School Elite Team is offering a clinic on Sunday, September 25th, 2016 at the Richmond Middle School, 63 Lyme Road, Hanover, NH. The clinic will start with instruction and training so come prepared to be active outdoors. Bring bounding poles (or last year’s classic poles). Clinic will end with a video presentation and a Question & Answer period with the team. Click here for more info!

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NENSA & NNF joint Winter Kickoff Party on Thursday October 6th Tickets on sale now ~ ~ we hope you can join us for this fun party supporting two great Nordic skiing organizations!

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