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New England Nordic Ski Association Annual Awards

These awards are given annually to honor the achievements and contributions of members of our community working in support of NENSA's mission to sustain a vibrant and active Nordic skiing community in New England. 

2013 Recipients:

John Caldwell Award: Patrick Cote, NENSA & Central Maine Ski Club
In appreciation for your leadership of NENSA and service to the New England Nordic community.

Coach of the Year: Liz Kantack, Stratton Mountain School

Club of the Year: Mansfield Nordic
Recognizing a tradition of success in creating multi-age programs and a vibrant community 

Bill Koch League Youth Leadership Award: Jim Stock, Cambridge Sports Union

Adaptive Achievement AwardWeston Ski Track
In recognition of their ongoing support of the New England Nordic Ski Association (NENSA) Adaptive Program, Weston Ski Track has been honored with the 2013 NENSA Adaptive Achievement Award. 

Past Award Winners

John Caldwell Award Club of the Year Coach of the Year Bill Koch Leage Leadership Award Adaptive Achievement Award Gallagher Cup (EasternCup Champions)
 Patrick Cote  Mansfield Nordic Ski Club  Liz Kantack  Jim Stock  Weston Ski Track Cate Brams CSU
Scott Patterson UVM 
 Judy & Dick Dreissigacker  Craftsbury Outdoor Center Justin Beckwith  Sue Wemyss   Cathy Thompson  Maria Stuber CGRP
Tim Reynolds CGRP 
 Ray Broomhall  Frost Mountain Nordic Ski Club  Sverre Caldwell  Murray & Jane Banks Deven Morrill  Corey Stock CSU
Patrick O'Brien CGRP 
 Weston Family  Nordic Heritage Sport Club  Pepa Milochoeva      Isabel Caldwell SMS
Ben Koons MWSC 
 MaryAnne Levins  Gunstock Nordic Association  Matt Boobar     Sophie Caldwell Dartmouth
Dave Chamberlain MWSC 
Graham Taylor     Eileen Carey      Carina Hamel BMA
Jon Arne Enevoldsen GMVS 
 Dick Taylor    Rob Bradlee      
 Chisholm Ski Club          
 Fred Griffin          
 Anne Donaghy & Mary Hamel          
 Trina Hosmer          
Jim Rodrigues           


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