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The United States Olympic Committee (USOC) has partnered with sport communities across the nation to help America's youth receive the best sports development services possible. The USOC created the Community Olympic Development Program (CODP) in 1998 in order to address the needs of progressing athletes from the beginning stages of development to the elite level.

The mission of the CODP is to partner with National Governing Bodies and Community Sports Groups to enhance high quality intermediate sports programs for talented youth to maximize their potential in Olympic and Paralympic sports. In order to complete the mission of training talented and motivated young athletes, the CODP works closely with community sports organizations to take young athletes from the beginner level and train them for progression to NGB elite programs.

NENSA Is proud to be a Community Olympic Development Program for cross country skiing in New England. Some of the benefits NENSA receives and passes along to our community from the CODP designation include...
   • Increased awareness of the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement
   • Olympic Day opportunities
   • National recognition for developing successful junior sports programming and increased opportunities for youth
   • Partnership with USOC and access to USOC resources and information
   • Grant and Funding opportunities
   • National Governing Body partnership
   • USOC Guest Speaker Opportunities

NENSA is still in its infancy with regards to utilizing many of the benefits offered to us by this designation. To date we have received funding, Guest Speakers, and exposure for our CODP athletes (NENSA’s Elite and Development teams, Junior National Team and Eastern HS/J2 Team members are all part of the CODP programming). Stay tuned as more opportunities become available to our community via this collaboration.

2014 CODP Fact Sheet 


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October 28-29, 2016
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NENSA Regional Coaching Clinic, Lincoln-Sudbury High School

November 6, 2016
CSU Roller Ski Race - CLASSIC