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Sibilia's Scoop: Virtual Team Captain's Meeting Page

TD Bank Eastern Cup Craftsbury Openers

The Team Captains Meeting Info contain's Start lists, course maps, conditions reports, wax recommendations, grooming updates and more, and is meant to be a helpful tool...(Please note that if an on-site coaches meeting is on the schedule, it is the coaches responsibility to attend and be aware of any important changes or updates that take place at the meeting. )

General Info:

12/17/11- Updates for Sunday's Eastern Cup races

  • 9AM registration deadline for Day or Race Registrants!
  • All classes will have 30 second start intervals
  • Start times: J2 boys 9:30; J2 girls women 10:00; Men 11:45
  • Distances: J2 boys 3 laps; J2 girls and women 3 laps; Men 6 laps
  • Awards will be at 2:30. Top three winners in the open men and open women will need to be present to fill out the paperwork to collect their prize money.
  • Course will be open from 8:30 AM to 9:20 AM and will remain closed for the duration of the day. 
  • Hot drinks and muffins will be available at 9AM and lunch items at 11:00 in the tent located in the upper field.
  • Start lists and results will be posted in two places: at the competition office (registration), and on the shed next to the food tent in the upper field.

12/16/11- Some information you should know for this weekend's races:

  • Saturday- Bib Pick up for the afternoon races will be 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM in the Competition /registration office.
  • Saturday-The afternoon races (all classes) have been changed back to 15 second intervals due to the large number of entrants. Start time for first afternoon race will still be at 1:30PM.
  • Sunday- Men's start time is moved back to 11:45.
  • Sunday- All classes will still have a 30 second start interval.

12/16/11- Weather link to weather station at craftsbury

12/16/11-2PM Update

  • Friday course availability - We will be opening part of the course at noon. The only access will be from the Tamarack parking lot, via a carpet strip. Please ski downhill to the lower field, bearing right, where you'll then pick up the course climbing up chip hill. Keep your eyes open - there will be workers and machinery at various points around the course. Classic track will be set and available. Traffic is counter clockwise on the loop. Signage should be in place to make this easy to follow.
  • No wax testing during the competitions. A white board will be posted, listing testing times on race day.
  • Spectators are asked to cross at designated areas to minimize dirt being tracked onto the course.
  • Important note to Racers and Coaches- with limited terrain for skiing alternate methods of warm up should be planned for (i.e. bring running shoes).

12/15/11- There have been questions about whether you have to race the Saturday morning sprint race in order to be able to race in the afternoon. You do not have to race in the morning to do the afternoon race, however skiers that do will be seeded off of their morning results and all others will be seeded behind this group.

12/15/11- Course access and Spectator info from the Craftsbury organizer's... "While we expect our man-made base to hold up through the drizzle, we will be closing the 1.5k race course/training loop after 12pm today in order to
maintain the track's integrity. Conditions permitting, we will re-open for skiing tomorrow. Over the weekend, we will be closing the course to the general public due to the weekend's Eastern Cup competition. Eastern Cup participants will be the only skiers allowed on course all day Saturday and Sunday until 3pm, when the course will again be available to the broader ski

However, spectators are quite welcome, and will be treated to quite a show! The racing should be great to follow, with competitors making several laps each through the stadium and past other great vantage points. Keep watching our news stream and the Eastern Cup for further updates. Thanks for your co-operation and think snow, everyone!"

12/14/11 - At this point in time the snowmaking plan is focused on creating one quality race loop. (This loop currently sports a foot of snow depth all the way around!) This means for Saturday's races there will be one course of the same distance (approx. 1.4km for AM sprint qualifier and ~3km for afternoon prologue) for both men and women's classes. Having all classes racing the same distance will enable J2 girls and boys to be seeded in with the open women and men, and therefore able to earn NRL and FIS points if they are appropriately licensed. This has changed the start order slightly.

  • Start Order: The start order for the Sat AM and PM races will be: J2 girls/ open/masters women, followed by J2 boys/open/masters men. PLEASE NOTE: J2's will be seeded in with the open skiers.
  • Start intervals: The Saturday morning sprint qualifying race will use 15 second start intervals for all classes. The Saturday afternoon prologue will use 30 second start intervals for all classes.
  • We will post any further updates to the Virtual Team Captain's Page at nensa.net and to the Craftsbury website at www.craftsbury.com. Sundays course and course maps for both days will be posted Thursday evening. Link to Full Schedule.   

12/7/11-UPDATE: With the TD Bank Eastern Cup opening weekend just 10 days away, we will be updating the status frequently to keep everyone informed. At this point in time, based on current weather and temperature forecasts we expect to hold the races at Craftsbury. There may be adaptations to formats or distances, but only if necessitated by conditions. Contingency plans will be in effect as needed and updates will be posted to both the Craftsbury and NENSA websites- www.craftsbury.com and www.nensa.net.

Detailed Schedule and Schedule Notes:

Description of Races

Saturday - 10:00: Classic sprint (qualifier only), 1.25k for women, 1.5k for men.

12:00: Adaptive Race.

1:30: Classic Prologue, 3k all classes.

Sunday - 9:30: Skate interval start, 5k for J2s and women. 10k for men. Masters' waves will be run at the end of the men's and women's starts.


TD: Chuck Broomhall
Assistant TD: Jim Rodrigues
Chief of Competition: Judy Geer
Chief of Race: Dick Dreissigacker
Chief of Stadium: Eric Hanson
Chief of Course: Lucas Schulz
Race Secretary: Allie Burke
NENSA representative: Jim Rodrigues / Janice Sibilia
NENSA Rep for Adaptive Races: Eileen Carey

Parking, Power, Portapots, Provisions & other Logistics

Team/club vehicle parking will be available in the lower lot, near the competition office (Fitness Room - Cedar Basement). General parking for private, smaller vehicles will be available in the upper lots, in front of both dorms.

All racers should work toward self-sufficiency as much as possible with respect to waxing. There will be some access to power in the vicinity of the large equipment shed, off the lower parking lot. There may not be enough for everyone, so please bring your generator if you have one. Please avoid using heat guns when on Outdoor Center power. Extension cords are also recommended. Depending on the weather, the new large equipment garage may be open for waxing as well, but you'll need to bring your own bench. There is also a small waxroom next to the Touring Center.

A reminder that if you are bringing a tent for waxing and storage, please be prepared to stake it down or take it down in case of high winds.

There will be heated space for skiers on both lower and upper fields: the yurt and equipment shed in the lower field; a 30x30' tent and the Touring Center on the upper field.

Portapots will be available near both upper and lower parking lots.

Simple food such as soup, sandwiches and cookies, will be available in the Touring Center. A larger lunch will be available for purchase as space allows in the Dining Hall (note: any houseguest of the Center will have their meals included as part of their lodging reservation!). Dining Hall meal reservations should be made in advance at the Office.

Invitation from Race Organizer's

Course and Venue Maps:  

Amenities Map      Eastern Cup Course     Eastern Cup Adaptive Race w/ course profile

Seed Lists and Start Lists:

Start Lists: Sunday Start List -  .  REVISED Start list- Note that J2 boys are now corrected and will be starting at 30 second intervals starting at 9:30. 

Seed Lists for the Entire Weekend:  Men | Women

Link to NENSA Seeding Procedures / Rules

Clarification - all athletes listed as BKL in the seed list are BKL by age, but have signed up to race with the J2s in this weekend's races.

  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ALL:  If you are a USSA or FIS member and want to earn USSA or FIS points for this race, please check the seed list to be sure we have your USSA# and/or FIS#.  If not, please go to www.nensa.net/reg sign in and add your number to your profile -- just the number, not the preceding "E".
  • Points used for seeding are as follows.  JOQ points are NOT used.  NENSA, FIS, and USSA.For J2s, J2Q points are used. 
  • For NENSA list, a racer must have 3 results in the prior 12 months.
  • Requests for seed changes will be accomodated by the jury but must be made before 2PM on Friday by email to pat@nensa.net and must contain specific weblinks to results that justify your request. These results should be from either NENSA, USSA, or FIS scored events.

Seed and Start List Schedule - Midnight Thursday: Seed Lists Posted for entire weekend.  Noon Friday: end of protest period/requests for seed changes.  (Since Saturday afternoon's race is seeded based on Saturday AM results, that list will be posted in alphabetical order only.)  Questions?  Email Pat -- pat@nensa.net.

Wax Recommendations from Toko and Swix

Toko, The Official Wax of NENSA - Day 2

Toko, The Official Wax of NENSA - Day 1


Link to Live results

Follow us on Twitter to be the first to get the link to results: www.twitter.com/nensa

EVENT SCHEDULE- Updated 12/14/11

TD Bank Eastern Cup Opener Races Schedule
revised for shorter loop course - 12/14/11  -Bold indicates revisions.
Date Time Event  
Wednesday, December 14th   Deadline for registration by mail.  
Thursday, December 15th 5:00 PM Deadline for registration online.  
  8:00 PM Seed Lists posted online  
Friday, December 16th 3:00 Official Training.  Courses open for review.  
  6:00 PM Start Lists and any changes and updates will be posted online at nensa.net and craftsbury.com/easterncup)  
Saturday, December 17th 8:00 - 9:00 AM Registration & Bib Pick-up; NOTE: DOR Registration for both Saturday races closes at 9:00 AM.  
  8:30-9:50 AM Course open for review  
Sprint Qualifier 10:00 AM Interval start Classic Sprint qualifier. 1.4k.  15 second intervals  
    Start order: J2 girls/women, then J2 boys/Men  
Adaptive 12:00 PM Adaptive Race:  ~5k women; ~6.5k men  
Prologue 1:30 PM 3k Prologue. Seeded based on morning race.  Start order: J2 girls/women, then J2 boys/Men.  30 second intervals.  
  4:30 PM Ceremony  
  6:00 PM Virtual Team Captains Meeting -- Start Lists posted online for Sunday  
Sunday, December 18th 8:00 - 9:00 AM Registration & Bib Pick-up.  DOR Registration closes at 9 AM.  
  8:00-9:30 AM Course Open for Review  
Interval Start Distance Races 9:30 AM J2 Boys 5k  
10:00 AM J2 Girls, Women/Masters Women 5k  
11:30 AM Men/Masters Men 10k  
1:30 PM Ceremony  
2:00 PM BKL races  


  • TD Bank - Title
  • L.L. Bean and Swix - Associate
  • Trapp Family Lodge, Rossignol, Concept 2, Toko - Contributing
  • Along with Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Fischer, Swenor, Dermatone, Swenor, Morton Trails, Vermont Bike Tours, and OneWay!



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