Updated Oct. 25, 2011

TD Bank NENSA Citizen Series

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Series Details

The TD Bank Citizen Series brings together NENSA’s traditional Zak age group and Club Series into a single series of events featuring some of New England’s finest citizen races. All events that are part of a Citizen Series day are scored for Club points with all participants earning at least one point for their club. Only one distance on each day is scored for the Zak cup to ensure appropriate head-to-head competition within age groups.

Questions about the series can be directed to NENSA Staff at staff@nensa.net.


Zak Cup

NENSA Membership at the time of the race is required for Zak Cup Scoring.

Individuals are scored on the basis of the best of 5 races with a minimum of 5 needed to win the age class for men and for women the best 4 with a minimum of 4. For skiers in class 10+ (75 years and older) the best  3 for men with a minimum of 3 races needed, and best 2  with a minimum of 2 races needed for women, will be scored.

Individuals earn both overall and age group points. Overall points are determined compared to all Masters (age 30+ in the race) and age group points compare just against the five-year age group.

Points are as follows: 1st place = 25 pts. 2nd place = 20 pts. 3rd = 15. 4th = 12. 5th = 11. 6th = 10. 7th = 9. etc. to 15th = 1

Ties within age class will be broken by:
    1. Over all Zak Cup points.
    2. Head to Head races. 

If  there is still a tie after 1 and 2 then 1st place is awarded to all tied.

Club Cup

NENSA Membership at the time of the race is required for Club Scoring.

Club Affiliation can be changed up until the final race of the series with the final club designation for an individual earning points for all of that individual's points that season.

Individuals earn points for their club based on comparison within age groups only. 1st place = 10 pts. 2nd place = 9 pts. 3rd = 8, etc. 10th place and all other participants earn 1 point.

Event Details

Club Cup Scoring:

All  distances are scored for the Club's Competition, e.g. 25&50 at Craftsbury and 10&20 at the Flying Moose.

December 11, 2011     New date: March 18th, 2012
NWVE Opener- Date change!
Jericho, VT
Link to Online Registration

December 31, 2011
Mt Hor Hop
Westmore, VT
Link to Online Registration

January 7, 2012    POSTPONED TO February 25th, 2012
Haydock House, 1051 Skyline Drive, No Pomfret, VT

January 16, 2012 (Monday, MLK weekend)
Bretton Woods, NH
Link to Online Registration

January 21, 2012
TD Bank White Mountain Classic 30K*
Jackson Ski Touring Center, Jackson Village, NH
Link to Online Registration
*This is the one day Club Championship race

January 28, 2012
TD Bank Craftsbury Marathon, The 50k is scored for age classes 1-8 for men and 1-6 for  women.  For men class 9+ (70+)  and women class 7+ (60+)  the 25k is scored.
Craftsbury Outdoor Center, Craftsbury Common, VT
Link to Online Registration

February 5, 2012
UVM/TD Bank Eastern Cup
Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT
Link to Online Registration

February 11, 2012
Flying Moose Classic - (At the Flying Moose the 20k is scored for the Zak Cup).
Pine Hill Competition Trails, Bethel, ME
Link to Online Registration

February 26, 2012    CANCELLED
Coastal /Pineland Race
Pineland, New Gloucester, ME
Link to Online Registration

March 11, 2012
37th Annual Mount Washington Cup 15 K Skate Race
Bretton Woods Nordic Center, Bretton Woods , NH
Link to Online Registration

NENSA Event Cancellation Policy (for all events):

The policy regarding refunds in the case of event cancellation should be stated on the entry form for the event.  In the absence of a specific event cancellation policy, fifty percent of the entry fee will be refunded.  Refunds are not granted for event postponements.


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