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The Athlete Fund | The Worlds Fund

NENSA is proud to offer two funding programs for New England athletes;  the NENSA World Fund and the Athlete Support Fund.

1. Worlds Fund- (Updated Jan 2015)

Started in 2011, NENSA will provide funding support for New England athletes headed to International competitions. New England athletes making the following teams and meeting the NENSA criteria, earn a stipend of up to $200 for the World Jr/U23 Championships, and up to $150 for the U18 Scando trip.

  • U23 Worlds,    $200 each (800 total payout)  - To Top 2 NE males & Top 2 NE females that qualifies and competes.
  • Jr Worlds,    $200 each (800 total)  - To Top 2 NE men & top 2 NE women, that qualifies & competes.
  • U18 Scando trip,    $150 (300 total)  -  Top NE male & Top NE female that qualify & compete.
  • Up to total of $1000 funding for NE athletes that get selected to the USST OPA cup Trip following the Jr/U23 Worlds.
  • 'New England athlete' is defined as declaring EASTERN on their USSA licenses and they must reside in NE at least 6 months out of the year.

2. Athlete Fund

This program was created to provide financial assistance to New England Nordic athletes for training camps and competition trips based on an athlete's financial need and athletic goals.

Athletes who are eligible for NENSA funding  include Nordic skiers who are New England residents, and who are not fully funded by their club. (Nordic refers to cross country athletes. At this time biathletes,  jumpers, and Nordic combined are not eligible due to limited funds).

Application is made by an athlete's coach.  Only in cases where an athlete is not at all connected with a coach, may he/she apply directly.  All athletes receiving funds will be recognized on this webpage.

Initial funding was designated by the NENSA Board of Directors, however continued funding of the program will rely on the generosity of NENSA's members through the membership and event registration checkout option of a $2 donation and continued generosity to the NENSA Annual Fund each spring. 100% of this money donated through the $2 option goes to the funding of athletes!


Link to Application

To Submit an Application:
• Via eMail: Application can be filled out and emailed to Amie Smith with Subject "Athlete Fund Application"
• Via Fax: Fax to: 207-688-6505

Funding Application Deadlines

PERIOD ONE  -- SUMMER:  June 1 through August 30.  Applications due by July 15  (For camps or competition beginning before July 15, applications are still welcome.)

PERIOD TWO -- FALL:  September 1 through November 30.   Applications due by October 15  (For camps or competition beginning before Oct 15, applications are still welcome.)

PERIOD THREE – EARLY WINTER:  December 1 through February 28 (or 29).  Applications due by January 1  (For camps or competition beginning before January, applications are still welcome.)

PERIOD FOUR – LATE WINTER: March 1 through May 30. Applications due by ONE WEEK PRIOR TO DEPARTURE of New England JN Team, usually very close to March 1.

All decisions on the NENSA Athlete Support Fund are made by majority vote of the Athlete Support Fund Overseers composed of the NENSA Competitive Programs Director, a member of the board of directors, and a NENSA member.  Current overseers are Amie Smith, John Ogden, and Graham Taylor.

2016 Recipients

Jason Bartley, MWSC, Junior Nationals, March 2016

Lance McKenney, MWSC, Junior Nationals, March 2016

2015 Recipients

2014 Recipients

2013 Recipients

Aleksandra Zakrzewska So. Burlington March 2013
Bill Harmeyer Mansfield Nordic Club March 2013
Henry Harmeyer Mansfield Nordic Club March 2013
Fabian Stocek Holderness   March 2013
Gavin McEwen Cambridge Sports Union March 2013
Hamish Mcewen Stratton   March 2013
Hadley Moreau Cambridge Sports Union March 2013
Josh Harrington Williams Outing Club March 2013
Nate Moreau Cambridge Sports Union March 2013
Mackenzie Rizio Stratton   March 2013
Rion O'Grady Holderness   March 2013
Sienna Searles SLU   March 2013

2012 Recipients

 Hadley Moreau  National J2 Camp  August 2011
 Dominique Powers  Frost Mountain Nordic Program  Fall 2011
 Sophie Caldwell  Alaska National Women's Alliance Training Camp  July 2011
 Skyer Davis  USST New Zealand Training Camp  August 2011
 Sam Tarling  Eastern REG camp/USST Park City Camp  November 2011
 Hamish McEwen  USSA Junior National Championships  March 2012
 Gavin McEwen  USSA Junior National Championships  March 2012
 Austin Cobb  USSA Junior National Championships  March 2012
 Britta Clark  USSA Junior National Championships  March 2012
 Fabian Stocek  USSA Junior National Championships  March 2012
 Rachel Hall   USSA Junior National Championships  April 2012



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