Updated Sep. 23, 2010

2012 USSA Cross Country Junior Nationals

                                                    (Formerly Junior Olympics)

March 2 - 11, 2012

Soldier Hollow, Midway, Utah, "Ten Year Reunion of the Olympics!"

The 2012 USSA Junior Nationals will be organized by the Soldier Hollow Legacy Foundation. The Foundation was formed in 1999 and operates the Olympic Legacy Facility on a year around basis. SHLF partners with Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) and the Soldier Hollow Charter School in the planning of the 2012 Junior Nationals.

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association's Junior Nationals are showcase events for junior aged athletes. They are often the launching pad for future U.S. Ski Team stars and a part of the USSA's "clear path" advancement with Junior National medals markers for advancement to higher-level competitions. Organized by local USSA clubs, the USSA Junior Nationals, now in their 34th season, are recognized by the USSA and the U.S. Olympic Committee.

         Link to Event Info Guide, Including Schedule  |    Link to Official Website   


     New England JN Team Qualifying Information

2012 New England JNQ Qualifying Rules  (includes schedule of scored races)

NENSA Rules (and Points Explained) - a must read for parents, coaches, and athletes

Note: In 2013 New England Junior National Team Coaches will need NENSA Level 1 Certification.

 2012 General New England Team Info  

Athletes, Parents & Spectators: This page is where you will find all of the pertinent info about the JN trip including lodging, flight logistics, coaching staff, etc. Please check back frequently as updates are added!

2/22- IMPORTANT UPDATES from USSA and race organizer- Please read!

  •  Relay Format Clarification:  With the coaches oversight NJ committee and the organizers we have decided to retain the 3x3 Relay format for all classes for the 2012 relay.  Due to fast conditions, the integrity of keeping the ON/A1 field together without eliminating any of the field we have decided on this decision.
  • Club Trophy and Roger Weston Information Club Award:

     -Club award   If a team has not signed up to be a USSA club and they do not show up on the list they are not eligible to participate in the USSA Club Award.  We have extended this deadline and are pulling the list that Toni Adams has on March 1st.   Colleges are not eligible to participate in the USSA club trophy due to NCAA restraints.  Please have College skiers know their status.  Some colleges are able to list a club and some athletes may not.  It all depends on the school and when their season officially starts and stops. (Please let Janice@nensa.net know your college's status so I can update our list!).

      -Overall Club award winners:  NOTE:  you no longer need 1 female and 1 male to win this award.  The club with the most points regardless of sex wins.  See comp guide.

  • Roger Weston Award:
      Please do not put (post graduate) PG skiers down on the list even from the start.  Please list the athletes High School all the same.  i.e.:  West High School vs. West HS... They need to be the same for all athletes.  Again, too hard to sort the data and points get changes. These awards are sponsored by the NNF.  Thank you NNF.
  • Dave Quinn Award:   Picked at the last coaches meeting
  • Guest Class: There will be some additional Guest Class skiers coming in from Canada and Nordic Combined.  There will also be Guest Class skiers representing divisions.  This total number should be less than 10.  If a guest qualifies for the sprint, they will displace an American for the Heats but not for the medals.  We welcome fast, head to head competition!
  • Junior Meeting:  The Annual USSA Junior Meeting at JN’s is open to all coaches.  It is scheduled for Monday evening 8 p.m. at Soldier Hollow.

2/22- New England Junior National team  Update- The past two days have been super busy with final planning for the 2012 New England team trip to Soldier Hollow! The online Junior National Team roster is being updated as we get confirmations from athletes on their attendance. Stay tuned very early next week for our Virtual Team naming!

2/20- Pat Cote has put together some helpful information for people doing a flight search:

  • Pretty good deals out of Portland, Maine if you are willing to combine airlines. (under $700)
  • Good deal of out Manchester on American (I think $697)
  • Good deal of out Albany ($671 right now)
  • Good deal of out Boston ($550 right now)
  • Kayak.com seems the easiest. Expedia does not allow booking for "kids" under age 18.   Kayak allows anyone over 12 to book.

1/24/2012- Flights for Junior Nationals- Important Change this year! In previous years, NENSA has booked a group flight for JN athletes. While a group flight allows us to put a name to the tickets after they are booked, they are also generally more expensive than an individual flight and there is no wiggle room on the itinerary. This year we are using a new format. In an effort to enable athletes much greater flexibility in regards to airport selections, flight times, airlines, use of frequent flyer miles, and potentially lower fares, athletes will be booking their own flights. The one requirement is that all New England team members arrive in Salt Lake City on Friday March 2nd-any time throughout the day is fine. The team will spend the night at a designated airport hotel and will depart together for Midway early Saturday morning. Departures for home will be planned for early Sunday morning on March 11th. All JN coaching staff will also be booking their individual itineraries. These are posted on this webpage at the link below. If an athlete desires, they can book their flight to match a coaches itinerary so that they do not have to travel alone. Please direct any questions to Janice@nensa.net.




NOTE TO ALL JN Team skiers: Caldwell Sports is offering up a special price on stonegrinding for NE JN athletes: $60 per pair includes a grind plus two stage hot box. $70 per pair includes grind, two stage hot box and race hardening. Bring your skis to Caldwell Sports at the final Eastern Cup weekend and they will do a free consult on whether or not your skis need a new grind.

2012 JO Coaching Staff

2012 Trip Cost

Team Uniforms & Jackets - Newly designed in 2011 !

Previous Years' Team Rosters & Rankings

2012 New England Team-  Final JNQ rankings:  J1/OJ's  / J2's.    FInal Team Roster

2011 New England Team Final JOQ rankingsWomen  /  men  / J2's

2010 New England JO Team:  2010 Auto Qualifiers to JO's  - (World Jr trials/J1 Scando Trip / World Biathlon Trials/Nordic Combined Trials)    /     2010 Junior Olympic Team Qualifier Rankings: J1/OJ | J2

Complete 2010 JO Team Roster posted here- Note that 6 J1s (not counting autos) must be named to the team.  This explains the somewhat strange looking final standings in the J1/OJ Boys list.

2009 JOQ FInal Rankings:  J1/OJ men  | J1/ OJ women / J2 girls / J2 boys




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