Updated May. 6, 2009

2009-2010- Elite team Roster

(Final Roster as of September 8, 2009)

Team nominees must sign the NENSA Elite Team committment form to become an Elite Team Member.


Parker Tyler- Univ 0f Utah, Top 5 JN’s (1st OJ Sprint/1sr OJ Classic)
Adele Espy- Maine Coast Nordic, Top 5 JN’s (3rd OJ CL) Top10 USSA List-Jr-(3rd), Top 5 Wld Jr trials (5th).
Megan Killigrew- Stratton, Top 5 JN’s (5th J1 Sprint), Top10 USSA List-Jr (9th)
Keely Levins- Mountain Top, Top 5 JN’s ( 5thJ1 skate)
Kaitlynn Miller- Craftsbury, Top 5 JN’s (3rd J1 Classic)
Kristen Halvorsen –GMVS,  Top 5 JN’s (4th J1 Classic )
Sophie Caldwell – Stratton, Top 10 USSA List-Jr (1st), Top 5 Wld Jr trials (2nd), Top 10 NCAAs(9th classic/5th skate), Top 15 USSA List (10th)
Stephanie Crocker- Dartmouth, Top 10 USSA List-Jr (8th)
Elise Moody-Roberts-Middlebury, (Top 5 EISA List)

Chase Marston - Middlebury, Top 5 JNs' ( 1st OJ Skate/2nd OJ classic/4th OJ sprint), Top10 USSA List-Jr-(4th).
Graham Egan -Middlebury,  Top 5 JN's (2nd  OJ skate)
Sam Tarling- Burke, Top 5 JN's(4th OJ Classic). Top10 USSA List-Jr (8th)
Ethan Dreissigacker -Craftsbury, top 5 JN's (1st J1 Skate)
Nick Michaud -MWSC, Top 5 JN's (3rd J1 Skate)
Skyler Davis -Stratton, Top 5 JN's (5th J1 Skate)
David Sinclair - GMVS, Top 5 JN's (5th Classic)
Dylan Grald -GMVS, Top 5 US Nats * (5th, Jr, sprint)


Caitlin Patterson -UVM,  Top 10 NCAAs (6th classic 7th skate)
Jennie Bender - UVM, Top 10 NCAAs (10th classic)
Hannah Dreissigacker- Craftsbury, Top 10 NCAAs (10th skate)
Lucy Garrec- Colby (Top 5 EISA Ranking List)

**Jurguen Uhl- UVM, Top 10 NCAAs (1st classic) Foreign athlete -does not displace US skiers
Patrick O'Brien- Dartmouth, Top 10 NCAAs (7th skate)
Franz Bernstein, UVM, (Top 5 EISA Ranking List, 5th)


 David Chamberlain - MWSC, Top 15 USSA List (15th)


Liz Stephen -USST/Burke,  top 5 U23 at US Nats (1st  Skate), Top 15 USSA List (2nd),Top 8 @ US Nats (3rd- skate/15th sprint),
Morgan Smyth-USST/NMU,  top 5 U23 at US Nats (5th Skate), Top 15 USSA List (7th), Top 8 @ US Nats (7th sprint)

Kris Freeman -USST,  Top 15 USSA List (1st), Top 8 @ US Nats (1st sprint/1st skate)
Andy Newell - USST, Top 15 USSA List (2nd)

ADC Discretion:

Hilary Rich-SMS/CSU
Ida Sargent- Dartmouth
Alex Howe - UVM
Alice Nelson -Williams
Tim Reynolds- Middlebur/Craftsbury
Justin Freeman -Saab-Salomon Factory Team/Holderness

Note: Sprint race at US Nationals was taken into account due to two races being cancelled.


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