Updated Oct. 20, 2008

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NENSA Coach Education Program


To become NENSA Certified, coaches can choose from two options: Regional or Advanced Certification. As we phase in the new curriculum, coaches who have received their NENSA Level One and Level Two Certifications between 2011 and 2013 will continue to be actively certified through July 31st of their expiration year.

NENSA Certified Coaches are eligible for a significant discount when registering for the USSA L100 certification (contact Janice Sibilia at for the discount code and process for ordering the test). If you are interested in becoming a NENSA clinic instructor, please contact Janice Sibilia.

Regional Certification focuses on the fundamental components of coaching Nordic skiers. The one-day clinics will cover elements of instruction of particular interest to high school and club level coaches. Regional Certification clinics are taught by NENSA Advanced Certified coaches. Coaches must attend at lease one clinic every three years to maintain current certification. All NENSA Certified Coaches will be listed on the NENSA website along with their certification and expiration dates.

Regional Certification Curriculum:
• Technique instruction methods and what to look for
• Writing training plans
Goal setting for teams and individuals
• Strength training
• Managing multi-sport and multi-season athletes
• Collaborating with local club programs


This certification is aimed at coaches who have experience coaching at high school, club, junior or senior levels, and are interested in furthering their education. As a collaborative effort with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association, the NENSA Advanced curriculum uses the USSA certification levels and ties in with requirements necessary to apply for US Ski Team coaching staff positions on International trips. There are three levels to the NENSA Advanced Certification:

Advenced Certification Level 1
• Curriculum is USSA Level 100 Certification.
• NENSA and USSA memberships are required.
• NENSA Advanced Certification will expire when your USSA L100 expires.

Advanced Certification Level 2
• Valid for three years
• NENSA and USSA memberships are required.
• Curriculum is USSA Level 200 Certification (scheduled to be available late early winter 2013). Prior to L200 being available, coaches will be required to have USSA L100 certification and pass the NENSA Level 2 written test.
• Contact Janice to receive the NENSA Level Two Written test.

Advanced Certification Level 3
• Valid for two years.
• NENSA and USSA memberships are required.
• Must have current 
NENSA Level 2 / USSA L200 credentials.
• Required coaching experience at NCAA’s, Junior Nationals, J1(U18) or  World Junior /U23 trips.
• Teach NENSA Standard certification clinics or USSA L100 clinics.
• Write for New England Nordic News (NENN).

The NENSA Coach Education Program curriculum for certification levels 1-3, is designed to be a resource for coaches and athletes who would like a better understanding of the reasoning behind the many plans that are available,  how to communicate more effectively with athletes, parents and other coaches, and how to build a performance network to enhance your club or team program.  Training for ski racing and coaching racers are educational processes. Educated coaches have more tools to enable their athletes to reach the highest possible level in their racing careers, and for Youth leaders to learn best practices that aid in proper development of young athletes.

 if you are interested in becoming a clinic instructor at any level, contact Janice Sibilia

For more information visit NENSA’s website under the Coaching Resource header > Coaching introduction & general info, or contact Janice Sibilia at Janice@nensa.net. Full details about USSA certification can be found at www.ussa.org.