Updated Aug. 26, 2008

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NENSA Masters

Marc Gilbertson

New England offers a variety of events for master skiers (age 30+). Whether you are interested in racing or recreational skiing, a quick look at the NENSA calendar will no doubt catch your attention!

For those interested in racing, New England is home to many very accomplished Master skiers as seen by the outstanding results at World and Masters Nationals. Masters enthusiastically take on the fun, comaraderie, and competition of our NENSA Zak and Club Cup Series
and the NENSA Marathon Series.
A points ranking database for each of these series adds excitement by quickly being able to tracking current standings on the NENSA website. Masters less experienced in racing can look toward weekend clinics around the region, and to the very popular New England Women’s Ski Day  to develop their skills.

If your interest is more on the recreational side, the NENSA Marathon Series offers a touring class at all events. There are also a myriad of club citizen races and fun events on the calendar each winter! There are other ways to become involved too- do you enjoy the idea of helping developing young athletes reach their potential?  Often times master skiers have a wealth of knowledge and skills that they would like to put to good use. Mentoring a young developing athlete, team or club is a great place to be involved! Contact NENSA for ideas on how to reach out to the community.

Event Opportunities

Master skiers of all ability levels enjoy opportunities for NENSA clinics, competition, and other events throughout New England.  A few highlights include:

The New England Marathon Series
25, 30, and 50K classic and freestyle events in Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The NENSA Eastern Cup Series
Yes, there are lots of young skiers zipping around, but masters are welcome.  In addition, all mass start races feature a masters-only wave for those wishing to avoid the craziness of a full-on Eastern Cup mass start.

The NENSA Zak/Club Cup Series
Just the right mix of fun, adventure, and great competition for experienced racers and those brand new to the racing scene.  This series allows racers to earn points toward the individual age-group Zak Cup Titles and the team Club Trophy.

For clinics and more race opportunities for masters please check the NENSA calendar!

NENSA Results and Standings