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NENSA Elite & Development Teams

NENSA Elite and Devo team



The NENSA Elite Team exists as a program to support and  facilitate the appropriate development of top athletes toward the goal of international excellence. In addition to recognition for accomplishments, this program seeks to provide incentives for athletes to seek high levels of competition, and to encourage athletes to think in terms of long-range development. In order to gain access to the Elite Team an athlete must achieve a certain level of success at national level competition.

Qualifying criteria to be considered for the Team:

A pool of athletes will be identified based on results in national level competition, comprising individuals who meet the following criteria.  From this pool of athletes the team will be named, as outlined below under "Team Selection". Note: additional athletes may be added by ADC nomination.

  • Top 15 OVERALL on the final USSA ranking list
  • Top 3 in age group (J1/OJ/U23/Senior) on the final USSA ranking list
  • World Jr/U23 Jr/ J1 scando (U18) trip qualifiers (must compete to be eligible)
  • 1st through 5th on Final combined EISA ranking list
  • Biathletes- Top three men and top three women from the USBA final ranking list
  • In addition, a skier with Elite Team status from the previous year may be eligible for discretionary addition to the Elite or development teams.
  • Out of region/ Foreign Athletes will not be named to the NENSA Team's and they do displace US skiers.

Team Selection:

The Elite Team will be named in April, up to six junior boys and six junior girls, five U23 men and five U23 women, and five senior men and five senior women.

NENSA Elite Team Requirements:

  • To accept spot on team selected juniors must agree to attend a NENSA Elite Group Summer Camp,
  • All must be active NENSA members to receive benefits,
  • Must agree to represent New England at national competitions, in addition to their home club. (Junior Nationals, Nationals, etc.). This means having an Eastern Desgination on your USSA license
  • Must plan to continue to meet training goals.

Team Benefits:

  • Athletes on this list are eligible to receive free entry to NENSA Eastern Cup Series events,
  • All athletes on the Elite Team list receive discounted or free entry to all NENSA Elite & Development camps as well as roster priority. Please note that foreign athletes (Non US Citizen's) attending NENSA camps at the Olympic Training Centers are subject to lodging costs set by the USOC in addition to any NENSA camp cost).
  • Opportunities and discounts for Vo2 Max and Lactate threshold testing
  • Race / wax support potential at Eastern Cups.
  • Discounts on designated NENSA Travels group trips (WY, US Nats, Spring Nats, Some SuperTours)
  • Funding eligibility for qualified athletes for Euro trips (OPA’s J1 Scando, Wld Jr-U23).
  • Training plan review and feedback for athletes who request it
 NENSA's Director of Competitive Programs, Janice Sibilia and NENSA’s Athletic Development Committee (ADC) oversee this program.

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NENSA Development Team

NENSA recognizes your efforts and achievements and is continuing to build Development Team member benefits. Through a collaborative effort with NENSA and designated regional clubs,  “Devo Team Training” days and opportunities are offered throughout the summer. Click here for calendar of events!

Team Overview:

The Development Team is named based upon regional results. The Development Team is nominated once a year in April.

  • The top 5 ranking skiers on the season-ending NENSA Points list (NOT the JN Selection List) and excluding those that are named to the Elite Team, in the J1, OJ, U23 and SR age-groups who are also ranked in the top half of all competitors overall qualify for the Development Team.
  • All U16s who make the New England JN Team are also named.
  • Any College athlete who places in the 6th through 15th spots  on the EISA Combined Ranking List will be nominated for the Team.
  • In addition, up to a total of 10 males and 10 females may be named at the discretion of the Athlete Development Committee. 
  • A Masters Team will be named based upon regional results. The top 5 ranking skiers on the season-ending NENSA Points list in the M1 - M4 age groups and the top 5 ranking skiers in the M5 - M10 age groups qualify for the Masters Team (minimum of 2 races).

NENSA Development Team Requirements:

In order to accept a position on the Development Team an athlete must agree to

  • Represent New England in any national level competition, in addition to their home club and must show Eastern Designation on their USSA license.
  • Must belong to a NENSA club.
  • Must be an active NENSA member

NENSA Development Team Support:

  • Invitation to NENSA training and testing programs.
  • All U18, U20, and U23 athletes named have the potential to be invited to the summer NENSA Elite Team camps.
  • Through a collaborative effort, NENSA and desginated regional clubs will host Devo Team Training days and opportunities through summer and fall. Watch for specific announcements.
  • Discounts where possible, to camps, NENSA Travels trips.

NENSA's Director of Competitive Programs, Janice Sibilia and NENSA’s Athletic Development Committee (ADC) oversee this program.

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