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Resources for Officials and Event Directors


NENSA Event Bid Packet

Current: 2016-2017 NENSA Event Bid Packet


Note: It is not necessary for BKL events to submit a bid! Just fill out the standard event listing to get on the calendar

NENSA Event Organizer Handbook

NENSA Event Organizer Handbook (updated in Dec '13) 

Medical Plan Recommendations
Medical Plan Template 

TD Forms 

TD Resources

Trail Preparation and Venue Development Resources

Event Management

NENSA Events:
     • Sample Race Organization Hierarchy Spreadsheet
     • NENSA Logos :: free for use in all NENSA events
     • NENSA Code of Conduct 

FIS Sanctioned Events:
     • Current (2008) FIS International Rulebook 
     •  ICR Precisions 2009-2010 and 2010-2011, Edition October 2010 
          • These are updates or clarifications to the 2008 rulebook that is now in effect.
Continental Cup Rules 2011-2012 (Includes US SuperTour)
Guidelines for Jury Work 2010-2011 

USSA Sanctioned Events:
USSA Technical Manual 
     • USSA Rulebook 
USSA Rulebook Index 
     • USSA Logo :: use only for USSA sanctioned NRL events

Results and Timing

NENSA Results Template  
     • This is the only data required, but please be as complete as possile. Please ensure data is in separate columns.

USSA Cross-Country Timing and Results Requirement (Aug 09)

USSA Points Submission Spreadsheet developed by Ernie Page

Sprint Management
     • Sprint Bracket Template
     • Sprint Management Worksheet   Please ensure formulas work properly after download 

Sample Results 

Helpful FIS Documents

NENSA Officiating Program - Officials Certification

Current NENSA TDs | Officials Certification | Technical Delegate Duties | Certified Officials

NENSA's Officials Certification Program is designed to provide our Eastern Cup and Championship events with informed officials who work in cooperation with NENSA staff and site personnel to create safe, exciting competitions. Recognizing that each candidate has a unique background, we have created an Officials Certification Program that blends hands-on experience in our Eastern Cup mentoring program with written testing and interview.

NENSA Officials Mentoring Program

Interested participants are paired with NENSA-certified and FIS certified officials at Eastern Cup and Championship events. Candidates “shadow” the NENSA TD through the day, ask questions, and complete reports concerning the race.


We recognize that some candidates bring extensive experience in cross-country ski racing to the officials program. Demonstration of expertise in the interview process can shorten a candidate's apprenticeship period.

Written testing

All NENSA Officials must pass open book testing before they can be certified.

USSA Officials Certification:

Level 2 Regional USSA Technical Delegate

  1. Officiate satisfactorily at level 2 events or assistant TD at regional or national events
  2. Conduct or present at divisional/regional officials seminars or clinics once every four years
  3. Attend a national TD seminar and pass a written exam every four years
  4. Be in good physical condition and be able to ski any competition course
  5. Maintain a current USSA official’s license, be tracked in the database, and receive national education materials
  6. Demonstrate excellence as a lead official in two or more officiating areas at regional or national events or accumulate experience as a coach or athlete at national or international events and indicate interest in TD officiating. Must be recommended for candidacy by regional/divisional/district cross country officials committee.

Level 3 National USSA Official

  1. Officiate satisfactorily at national events every four years
  2. Conduct or present a national officials/TD seminar every four years
  3. Attend a National TD or FIS seminar every four years and pass comprehensive written rules examination (take home)
  4. Be in good physical condition and be able to ski any competition course
  5. Maintain a current USSA official’s license, be tracked in the database, and receive national education materials
  6. Must be nominated by USSA International technical delegate



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Upcoming Events

October 30, 2016
NWVE One-Mile Roller Ski Time Trial

October 30, 2016
CSU Mt. Kearsarge Roller Ski Time Trail - SKATE

November 5, 2016
NENSA Regional Coaching Clinic, Lincoln-Sudbury High School

November 6, 2016
CSU Roller Ski Race - CLASSIC

November 13, 2016
CSU Mt. Kearsarge Roller Ski Time Trial - CLASSIC