Updated Jun. 28, 2007

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Training & Coaching Resources

NENSA's goal is to post an array of  helpful tips, video clips and clinic notes to help you take your training or coaching to the next level!  If you have something you think would be a useful post for our ski community, please contact Janice Sibilia at janice@nensa.net.

Fitness and Training

Strength Training -  Canadian Cross Country Strength test

Stretching- Fred Griffin's famous Stretching Program was introduced at the first Gaining Ground Clinics and is still pertinent today. The program was designed using a series of modified yoga positions emphasizing flexibility and range of motion specific to the particular task of skiing. It complements the dryland technique drills illustrated in the links above very well. It is a ten minute program that takes no more than fifteen minutes to complete, and is well worth checking out.

Safety - Read this Roller Ski Safety Article by John Broadhead of Craftsbury Nordic

 Presentations & Video Clips

NENSA Regional Coaches Clinics:

NENSA Nordic Symposiums:

 National J2 Camps: 

REG Camp VIdeo clips

Training Research



Wax Video clips from Toko


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