Nordic Rocks

The “Nordic Rocks” for Schools program is funded by the National Winter Sports Education Foundation and was developed to introduce a new generation of children in grades K-6th to the excitement found in the sport of cross country skiing. The “Nordic Rocks” program provides elementary and middle school students, with an opportunity to experience Nordic skiing during the school day, with their teachers and classmates, and to learn the health and lifestyle benefits associated with exercise and outdoor fun. 

Kids Skiing The “Nordic Rocks” program is a three-way partnership between selected schools, communities, and NENSA that creates an opportunity to teach skiing during the school day: physical education class, recess, and after-school programs.

Nordic Rocks

Students are able to ski with their teachers and friends on any outdoor surface covered with a minimum of two inches of snow. NENSA will assist each ‘Nordic Rocks’ school with a skiing curriculum and resources, teaching support, and cross country skiing equipment.

The curriculum is easy to follow and offers teachers learning ideas with both outdoor and indoor activities. The equipment is easy to use, store, and maintain. The equipment includes cross county skis and poles, with easy to use step-in bindings.

Looking for a way to track your K’s this winter? Check out the Nordic Rocks interactive children’s website which allows anyone to keep track of kilometers skied in the wintertime. Click here for the Ski for K’s Program!

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