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February 26, 2012

Epic Conditions for TD Bank Kids Ski Day at Jay Peak Nordic Center

Posted by: Abby Weissman


We held a Kids Ski Day in the midst of the biggest snowstorm the East has seen this winter. See below for stories and photos.


When I showed up at the Jay Peak Nordic Center in Jay, VT yesterday morning, it had already been snowing for 12 hours in a storm that would eventually give them 47" and the plows were struggling to keep up with the volume. Winds were whipping around the fields and the visibility was near whiteout in some places. But! Jay Peak is not an area for wimps, and as they say, “raise ‘em Jay,” meaning that you’ve gotta get outside even when the conditions aren’t all bluebird and balmy.

We set up the NENSA table inside, displayed the beautiful signs Tiffany had made for the day, organized the bake sale, poured the hot chocolate, and got suited up for our expedition into the wild.

After giving ourselves “explorer nicknames,” we made our way to an area of the trails that was sheltered from the wind. We felt like trekkers in a National Geographic video, periodically checking back to make sure that we had all members of our party. It was such fun to finally see snow! I couldn’t believe that I was kicking and gliding through 8 inches of fresh powder, and Tiffany had just groomed an hour ago!

We played hula hoop relays in the woods, skied around the switchbacks, and built a jump into the powdery landing.

Thanks to Tiffany and the Jay BKL group. Great to see you out there and we will have a day to remember!

Click here to see more photos on the NENSA Flickr page.

td bank kids ski day jay peak nordic

One of the beautiful signs that Tiffany made.

td bank kids ski day jay peak nordic

Getting suited up to head into the blizzard.Goggles were critical!

td bank kids ski day jay peak nordic

Hula-hoop, snowdrift, kids vs. adults, no poles relays.

td bank kids ski day jay peak nordic

Jumping landing. (Look at the bottom right hand corner, so much snow!)

td bank kids ski day jay peak nordic

The brave crew!










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