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Toko Eblast and Results from Today's West Yellowstone NorAms
November 26, 2011


Skate time trial at Craftsbury camp saw over 40 athletes in the open race and a great group of younger kids taking part in the one lap BKL race- which included an International flair!

Temps were quite a bit warmer this morning when we stepped out the door for the morning jog, and snow was beginning to melt just a bit. The Craftsbury group worked hard over night and early morning to shovel in any thin spots, and were right back at it again after the race to make sure the skiing was the best it could be for the afternoon.

A few Canadian skiers came down from Foret to ski here and joined in the BKL race! The Fairfax team showed up again for a day ski as well as Gould Academy. Several of the groups, including NENSA will be working the classic skis this afternoon for some technique and ski specific strength. We'll follow that up with a short core session before heading off to dinner.

Tomorrow morning an OD skate is on the agenda followed by agility. After lunch teams will depart and head for home, with visions of snow to hold them over til the next batch arrives.  Link to photos from today's time trial here, courtesy of Judy Geer. A special thanks to the entire Craftsbury crew for providing a great environment and week of training on snow!

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