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May 25, 2009

David Chamberlain (MWSC) Reports From Bend Oregon Training Camp

Summary: Bend is one of those places where a person can ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon...

David Chamberlain here from Bend, Oregon.  I have been out here for the
last week taking part in the US Ski team camp.  Bend is one of those places
where a person can ski in the morning and play golf in the afternoon.  So
it is no wonder that the town has grown since the last time I was here.  In
fact the last time I was here was ten years ago.  Since then a few things
have not changed, it is still dry and warm, the skiing is still really good
in May, and the sun pretty much is always shining.

On the training schedule for the week has been some slow easy skiing.  We
start skiing at eight every morning, early so we can get a full workout in
before the sun turns the snow into mush.  Most mornings I am down to short
sleeves by nine.  The trails are up at Mt. Bachelor, a twenty minute drive
from town.  Bachelor is high enough that the tempartures are usually below
freezing at night, so the trails set up well through the evening.  We spend
the mornings skiing easy and working on technique. By mid-morning when the
trails get soft we pack up and head for Bend, lunch, some shade, and a nap.

Bend OR may 2009

In the afternoons we do dryland.  Since being here I have done two strength
sessions, a trail run, an uphill skate rollerski test, double pole
intervals, and a distance double pole.  For the skate rollerski test we
skied up a hill a few times trying to go ten heartbeats higher each pass
until hitting a maximal effort.  As Garrott Kuzzy put it, 'it's a poor mans
treadmill test.'  The double pole interval session was a fun session, as
all group interval sessions usually are.  We rollerskied up a slightly
pitched road fifteen people strong, doing 5 by 3 minute intervals.  The
only guy to break equipment was my roommate Chris Cook, he broke a tip.
Yesterday afternoon we double-poled through some carnage from the economic
climate.  Some poor group lost their shirts on a golf development, never
finishing it, and leaving the Bend community its own private 10k rollerski
track 20 feet wide.  Amazing pavement and no cars!

This morning we finished up the week with a crust ski.  The ski to Broken
Top is great, from Bachelor it is a steady climb through big pines and open
fields.  Once up to the mountain the views are amazing, and coming down is
a backcountry playground, with bumps and turns.  The trick is to make it
off the mountain before it gets to warm and soft.

Bend OR Training camp

 Dave Chamberlain trains in the County when he is not traveling, and skis for Maine Winter Sports Center.


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