NENSA Mission & Vision

Our Mission:

NENSA’s mission is to implement educational, recreational, and competitive programs at all levels to sustain a vital and active cross-country skiing community in New England.

Our Vision:

The primary goal of the New England Nordic Ski Association is to create an environment that promotes the athletic development of New England cross-country skiers, supports skiing organizations, and encourages the growth of the sport of cross-country skiing. NENSA’s long-term programs assist the individuals and the organizations that deliver services, in line with NENSA’s Mission, to the cross-country skiing community. In cases where structures do not exist to deliver necessary services, NENSA may elect to initiate events or services to stimulate desired development. NENSA staff or NENSA-based committees may take on the short-term responsibilities of delivering such services, but it is not the responsibility of NENSA to be a primary service provider for ongoing services, nor should significant portions of the NENSA budget be allocated to provide services that can be delivered by other organizations such as clubs, schools, and cross-country ski centers.

NENSA’s direct contributions to growing and supporting a healthy skiing culture can be separated into the areas of communications and coordination, education and certification. As the conduit between individuals, organizations, schools, clubs, ski centers, race sites, and industry, NENSA creates and maintains the communications vital to the health of the sport. NENSA’s links allow for the coordination of scheduling, siting, and promoting of events and activities by individuals and organizations. NENSA’s educational programs are designed to serve the skiing community with clinics and workshops in areas such as ski technique and race organization, and seminars on issues such as youth development and club development. NENSA’s Coaches and Officials Education and Certification programs develop standards and teachers of standards that improve the quality and consistency of athlete development across the region.