December 28, 2008

Mt Hor Hop

Mt Hor, Westmore, VT


Event Info:

J2 - 5k freestyle, interval starts @ 11:00am J1 - masters 10k freestyle, interval starts @ 12:00pm Directions: I91 - From the south Lyndonville exit 23, route 5 north to West Burke, route 5A to the top of the hill near the south end of Lake Willoughby. I91 From the North Orleans exit 26, route 58 east to 5A south to the top of the hill just after the south end of Lake Willoughby.




NENSA Event Cancellation Policy (for all events):

The policy regarding refunds in the case of event cancellation should be stated on the entry form for the event.  In the absence of a specific event cancellation policy, fifty percent of the entry fee will be refunded.  Refunds are not granted for event postponements.

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