September 29-30, 2012

Capital Region Nordic Alliance-North Creek Winter Tune Up

North Creek/North River, Warrensburg, NY

Event Info:

CRNA and North Creek Business Alliance are collaborating on a winter tune up weekend on Sept. 29 & 30, 2012. A morning roller skiing event through the village will be followed by national speakers from XC Skiing, Biathlon, Orienteering and Snowshoeing. Afternoon events include Orienteering, a 5K trail run, and paintball and .22cal biathlon. Lunch will be at Garnet Hill XC Ski Center. CRNA is also partnering with Gore Mountain to hold their 5K Leaf Cruncher run on Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012. The Tri-States Biathlon Championships will take place on Sunday at Garnet Hill. All athletes are encouraged to support the Tune Up by participating in any of the tune up events on Saturday. Please support CRNA and its work with the Wounded Warrior organization and youth with disabilities by purchasing raffle tickets for any of the great Nordic items at Also bring all your loose change and other monies as there will be raffle items available during lunch at Garnet Hill during the Winter Tune Up.


Event Registration form can be found at $30 for one event, t-shirt and lunch at Garnet Hill, $40 for 2 events, t-shirt and lunch at Garnet Hill, $50 for 2 Sat events, t-shirt and lunch at Garnet Hill plus the Gore Mt. 5K leaf Cruncher run on Sunday 9/30/12. You can register using the hard copy form found at CRNA's website or through fill it out, send it in, and enjoy a great weekend in the Southern Adirondacks with many of your Nordic friends! Any questions, please email or call Russ Myer at, 315-396-9967


Contact:Russ Myer 315-396-9967


NENSA Event Cancellation Policy (for all events):

The policy regarding refunds in the case of event cancellation should be stated on the entry form for the event.  In the absence of a specific event cancellation policy, fifty percent of the entry fee will be refunded.  Refunds are not granted for event postponements.

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