June 24, 2012

Castleton Fish & Game Summer Biathlon

Castleton Fish & Game Protective Association, Castleton, NY

Event Info:

EVENT INFO CAN BE FOUND AT http://capitalregionnordicalliance.org/event Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc. Biathlon Registration Form, Summer 2012 28 Eileen St. Albany, NY 12203 June 24 July 29 August 25 What: Summer Biathlon and Paintball Biathlon (PBB). Summer biathlon is .22 cal event shooting at Olympic targets 50 (match) and 30 Meters (sport), Paintball biathlon (PBB) 8-10 meters. Short Loops of road running between shooting bouts Where: Castleton Fish & Game Club Protective Assoc. Inc., Fish and Game Club Rd & Club Rd., Schodack, NY 12033, GPS are 42°30’44.27N 73º43'32.40W When: June 24 , July 29, August 25, Formats may change-(changes posted on CRNA website http://capitalregionnordicalliance.org/event) Cost: $20 adults for .22 cal biathlon/$15 paintball, $10 youth for .22 cal biathlon and PBB, $5 extra to do both sports. $5 discount for CRNA alliance members and sport members. Rifles and ammunition provided. All are welcome, able bodied and those with event appropriate disabilities, AW2 no fee Event logistics: All 4 Summer events: Registration 8:30 -9:15AM, Equipment control 9-9:30AM, Zero 9-9:45AM, Start time 10AM. Safety Clinic: For all 1st time participants, safety clinic required during registration, 8:45-9:15AM For additional information: Contact Russ Myer at 315-396-9967, rmyer@nycap.rr.com or Stephen Wilson at 518-861-8020. Please email Russ if plan on attending


REGISTRATION FORM CAN BE FOUND AT http://capitalregionnordicalliance.org/event Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc. Official Entry Form Mail to: Tom Wright, 1512 Albany Ave., Valatie, NY 12184 Enclose $20 for adult, $10 youth paintball, registration fee payable to: “CRNA” * Please type or print neatly. * Name (Last, First) Age (as of 4/22/12) Street Address City, St Zip Telephone ( ) E-Mail Gender: M F Identification of Risk. I know that all forms of biathlon involve risks of a variety of injuries. I understand that these injuries might result not only from my actions, but the actions, inactions, or negligence of others. Assumption of Risk. I agree that I am responsible for my safety while participating in biathlon training and competition. I assume all risks, both known and unknown, connected with my participation. I acknowledge that I have taken and passed the USBA sponsored rifle safety course and competed in biathlon events previously. Waiver. Being aware of the risks and willing to assume them, I waive, release, and hold harmless NYSSRA Nordic, Castleton Fish & Game Protective Assoc. Inc., Schodack Police, Capital Region Nordic Alliance Inc., manufacturers of biathlon supplies, The County of Rensselaer, the United States Biathlon Association, all volunteers, employees, coaches, sponsors, advertisers, and owners/lessors of used premises for all claims of liability, injury, loss, or damage connected with my participation in biathlon training and competition. I intend for this waiver and release to also apply to my relatives, personal representatives, heirs, beneficiaries, next of kin, and assigns. Insurance. I currently have, and agree to maintain through the time I participate, sufficient medical and accident insurance. I understand that this is my responsibility and release anyone from providing it for me. I have read this agreement carefully, understand that I give up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it voluntarily. Participant’s Signature______________________________________ Date_______________ Participant a minor, Guardian signature_________________________ Date_______________


Contact:Russ Myer, 315-396-9967, rmyer@nycap.rr.com


NENSA Event Cancellation Policy (for all events):

The policy regarding refunds in the case of event cancellation should be stated on the entry form for the event.  In the absence of a specific event cancellation policy, fifty percent of the entry fee will be refunded.  Refunds are not granted for event postponements.

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