Donation Gift Challenge ~ we need 100 NENSA members to donate to our April Annual Fund Drive!

NENSA has been given a wonderful opportunity!  We have a member who has offered us a Donation Challenge!!

If 100 more people donate to our April Fund Drive, NENSA will receive $5000!  If 150 more people donate, we will receive $7500!

Please DONATE today ~ (minimum donations of $25 and above will count toward this challenge)

So far, 29 folks have donated to NENSA this month for a total of $8575.  We still have a long way to go to meet our annual $50k goal.

With 2263 NENSA members ~ I know we can do this! Please take a moment out of your day today to make a donation to our Annual Fund and keep all the great NENSA programs you love and count on around for next season too!

So tell your friends, and be a part of making these additional funds in our Donation Challenge happen for NENSA!  All it takes is $25 (feel free to give more if you can!)