Online Registration is now open until 9pm Friday, Jan 11, 2019


Skating Race Starts @ 10:00am on Sunday 1/13

Classic Race Starts @ 12:00pm on Sunday 1/13

Finish Location Trapp Family Bierhall, 1333 Luce Hill Rd, Stowe

Early Bib Pick Up is SATURDAY, January 12th, 3-5pm at

Town & Country Resort located at 876 Mountain Road Stowe

Late Bib Pick Up is SUNDAY, January 13th, 7:30am-9:30am at Town & Country Resort.

YOUR RACE PACKET: Race BIB, 2 Elastics AND one LIFT TICKET AND Post Party Ticket. All very important. Do NOT bend the ticket or it will damage the electronic device & not work. Racers also pick up a free t-shirt at registration.

DERBY SHUTTLE: BUSES START LOADING AT 8:00am. Racers can ride the Official Derby Shuttle from Town & Country Resort to the start at Mt. Mansfield Base Lodge. Racers will finish at Trapp Family Lodge Bierhall, 1333 Luce Hill Rd, Stowe. The Derby Shuttle will be available to bring you back to Town & Country post-race. You might need to wait just a bit for the shuttle. Allow an hour to get yourself to the mountain.

The Derby Shuttle is a courtesy to our racers, so give your bus driver a high five. Load as early as you can to get to the mountain. NO FAT BIKES ALLOWED ON DERBY SHUTTLE. DERBY MEISTERS & FAT MEISTERS YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN TRANSPORTATION.

WHEN AT STOWE MOUNTAIN: Use the “Lookout” Double Chair immediately at the top of the stairs behind the Mansfield Base Lodge. DO NOT fold your lift ticket or it will not work. At the top of the lift look for race timers, Bill & Cap. Please line up by Bib Order. Remember your start time begins when your bib number is up whether you are there or not.

BECAUSE OF LIFT LINES ALLOW 40 MINUTES for riding the Lookout Lift TO THE START. When you get to the top of the lift go LEFT TO THE TOLL ROAD TRAIL. Make sure to give a shout out to our timers, Bill & Cap! It’s Show Time…get ready to race. Be safe & have fun!!

Minimum total time from town to make it to your start is 1.5 hours.


Clear plastic bags are available at bib pick up. Write your name and bib number on the bag and take it with you to the start. You may pack your things in these bags and pick them up at the end of the race, outside Town & Country Designated Clothing Drop. If you have a lot of clothing please double up the bag as they can rip. We do everything possible to reunite you with your gear BUT SUGGEST you do not put anything of real value in your bag. MMSC cannot be held responsible for lost clothing. Any unclaimed gear will be brought to MMSC’s clubhouse.

FINISH: AT THE Trapp Family Bierhall. Timing ends at 3:00pm.

Water, we are trying to cut down on the number of water bottles that need to be recycled at the end of the race so PLEASE bring your own water. We will have limited water at the finish.

AWARDS PARTY IS BEING SPONSORED BY TOWN & COUNTRY RESORT FROM 3-5PM. Chili, Beer, Raffle. Bring your POST PART ticket & cash for drinks and raffle tickets. Non-Racers are welcome to attend for $15.