Skier of the Week, and Community News

Hello NENSA Members!

This summer, we have been working hard to help make this coming year a great one! We are proud to announce the unveiling of some new promotions that we hope will help highlight how great out community is. These range from highlighting some incredible work that our athletes are doing around the region to helping support our local clubs and teams.

NENSA has been a staple of the ski community in New England for decades, and we realize that a lot of people use our newsletters and social media posts to catch up on what is happening throughout the broader ski community. To help bring more light to the amazing things that clubs in our region are doing, as well as broader information from the national and international community, we are excited to unveil our News section of the website. It is our hope that through this we can bring light to the exceptional work that is being done. If your club has a blog that we weren’t able to find, send George an email at with the information and he will make sure to incorporate it.

As part of highlighting the excellence of individuals in our community, Skier of the Week will highlight all sorts of amazing individuals who have done great things. These will be members of our Development and Elite Teams, as well some of the great skiers doing fantastic things for New England. Check out the website’s new News dropdown for more information from athletes and journalists to stay up to date with what is going on in the ski world. In addition to this new program, we are also going to be rolling out a whole new section for our website which will host regional and national news from the ski community. These areas will feature posts from our member club blogs, athlete blogs, and from professional news sites like FasterSkier, SkiTrax, among other ski news blogs.

In addition to all of these great new features we are hoping you take advantage of, we have a request to make. One of the things that defines the New England Ski Community, are our local clubs and schools. These groups are what make this community cohesive across such a broad swath of the region, and act as the first steps to introduce people to skiing. These clubs rely on wonderful people who love skiing to foster a love for the sport all throughout New England. Unfortunately, coaches move on, and when that happens it falls on the community to make sure that these great programs keep going. This is a great way to get involved with your local community, so give our Club Job Postings page a look! We are happy to promote the health of all of our local clubs, so please do consider reaching out if you have the time to help bring more people into the skiing community.


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